Buying a house and arranging a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment most of us will ever enter in to. It is therefore essential to make the right choices. There are currently thousands of different rates in the market place to consider. Not only will we recommend the most appropriate scheme for your circumstances and requirements but will also advise and help you consider all aspects.

A good independent financial advisor could help you save thousands over the lifetime of your loan, but we hope to go much further than that, and give you the understanding to take control of your money and to make it work for you.

All lenders will assess you for “Affordability”. This is your outgoing’s for day-to-day living like transport, school/nursery payments, loans and credit cards. If you are looking to purchase a lease hold property your ground rent and maintenance costs may be included. For shared equity mortgages your rent payments will be included

Every lender has different criteria and vary on their assessments. Before making an application we will check the lenders Affordability criteria having instant access to underwriters for complex circumstances.