One thing people delay considering is – what happens if I fall ill or die? While we don’t really want to contemplate it, life is full of uncertainties and unfortunately some of these can harm or even ruin you or your estate financially. That’s why ensuring you having the right protection (insurance) policies in place is so important.

Many people first think about life cover when they buy their first home, or if they are getting married or having children.   Life cover is an insurance which will pay out to your loved ones if you die and whilst this is often the first insurance people think about buying, in reality the chance of being seriously ill or unable to work is much more likely than the chance of dying. This is why it is also important to consider Income Protection Insurance and Critical Illness cover policies.

There are thousands of protection products available in the UK and whilst it is relatively simple to search for the cheapest premium, finding the most appropriate cover for your requirements is always our main objective.

This can involve looking at different types of cover such as:

  • Life Assurance
  • Mortgage Protection or Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Level Term Assurance
  • Income Protection Insurance also known as Permanent Health Insurance
  • Business Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Family Income Benefit

Given your protection needs may vary over time and with changes in circumstance, contact us today and arrange a review of your existing policies.